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Maa Annapurna Annakshetra Trust


MAA ANNAPURNA is regarded as the Goddess of food and nourishment.

Annapurna – Anna means food and Purna means complete to full. She is also revered as the Goddess of KASHI who always protects the city. With the blessings of MAA, no one sleeps empty stomach in Kashi. Maa Annapurna is the giver of food and nourishment.

Our Charitable Work


Accommodation facilities for needy people in the context of old ages people kick out by their children and for their survival, they don’t have enough money to survive. So this Trust is formed to collect donations for the construction and built up of an Old age Home for initially 200 people and it will be extended as per the blessing of Lord Shiva.

Medical Services

After food and shelter, health is the primary requirement of all human beings. The government and various voluntary organizations are striving hard to render medical services to the public to the maximum extent possible. So, all medical expenses will be borne by the trust.

Job Opportunity

The trust will initiate employment opportunities directly through its various charitable activities. A team will be created to help the unemployed get job opportunities from the state and country.

Yoga Centre

Maa Annapurna Annakshetra Trust will organize its yoga camps for the betterment of people’s health. Awareness to build good health and a healthy way of living will be provided.

Free Marriages to the Poor People

As humanity is the creation of God, the same as God also created the tradition we know by the name of Sacred Relationship. But, as we know that in our society marriages are meant to be a very sacred thing and each religious faith has nuptial traditions and practices — including standard wedding vows — that have been passed down through generations. As we all know that in the Indian traditions wedding ceremonies are elaborated and complex, similarly money and marriage goods are also necessary and are required in the arrangement of bonding two souls.

Maa Annapurna Annakshetra trust will also extend its helping hand and organize group Marriages at a spacious place in a large gathering. Initially, every year in the following auspicious scheme Trust will arrange marriages for 10 poor couples from various walks of life who will get benefit from a huge gathering of about 5000 people. Also, it will be in practice to provide each couple the essential household articles and one-month ration, etc. at the time of the function. It is also practiced to assist other poor and needy couples at the time of their marriages. The Vedic scholars and elite people will also participate in the functions and bless the couples.

Our numbers that speak

We have numbers that push us to give in our best and make sure that we break our own records. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.

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